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Projects benefits are not fully realized without both Change Management & Change Leadership! 

Smarter reDesigned offers consultation, coaching, facilitation, and project advisement for organizational change for project teams.

Accurate understanding of upcoming change, stakeholder assessment, and measurement of stakeholder readiness are key in project management. We focus on three areas for project teams to incorporate when managing projects:

1. Structured Approach to Stakeholder and Change Management: Learn how to plan for, manage, and reinforce change in a way is simple and makes sense to those impacted. Create and multiple the number of leaders and stakeholders owning change.
2. Becoming a Trusted Advisor to the PMO and Executive Sponsors: Understand and minimize the resistance to change by proactively engaging with the PMO, Executive Sponsors and the stakeholders that are the true influencers of your project’s success.
3. Partnering with Communications, Human Resources, and Key Departments: Work with departments within your organization that can accelerate the change journey. Collaborate to identify and understand the people side of change – balance the art and science of leading through change.

Certified Member of the John Maxwell Team

- Independent Certified Speaker, Coach, and Facilitator with the John Maxwell Team.