Until You Make Unconscious, Conscious - Poster

Change is hard, yet supporting your organization through change can be easy.  There is an incredible amount of untapped potential in moving through change!  Why?  Because there is an oversight on the importance of “working smarter, not harder” during change. 

Smarter reDesigned offers consultation, coaching, facilitation, and project advisement for organizational change and transformation.

Three key steps for working smarter during change transformation:

1. Know Your Why!  Every leader and team member can visualize what success looks like at 30 days – 3 months – 1 year. Success comes to life through stories, daily behaviors, role modeling, and small actions of sustainment.
2. Understand the Degree of Change!  Take the deeper dive to understand the impact of change by stakeholder group. Create the necessary environment to allow for co-creation, collaboration, and ownership of each person impacted.
3. Accountability for Growth!  Change is about learning and growth. It is a continual process that ebbs and flows! This requires a different skill set and mind set that allows for accountability of leadership behaviors from each team member, not only your leaders. Growth needs innovation, experimentation, and room for learning both from failure as well as success.

Certified Member of the John Maxwell Team

- Independent Certified Speaker, Coach, and Facilitator with the John Maxwell Team.